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ITW is a Fortune 200 global manufacturer of tools and equipment with $15 billion in revenues. ITW’s Alpine business unit is a leader in the construction industry, providing software and engineering support, connector plates, and equipment to building component manufacturers.

Business Challenge
  • ITW’s construction solutions business grew through rapid acquisition under the name “BCG,” or Building Components Group. However, growth had slowed as organic customer acquisition became more difficult. The branding was not supporting growth optimally given the generic nature of the group name (“BCG”) and the fact that its business was across 5 separately branded operating units.
  • Despite being the #2 player in the industry, the leading competitor had a more established brand and the competition was intensifying. ITW needed a brand strategy to overcome the company’s branding disadvantage and accelerate growth.
  • An additional challenge was that the industry was highly fragmented. The company’s limited sales and customer service resources were spread over so many prospects generating meaningful growth was challenging. A market segmentation strategy was needed to help ITW prioritize and focus its resources on the most valuable prospects.
  • AspireUp conducted both qualitative and quantitative research as critical inputs to a new brand strategy and segmentation approach. ITW’s real strengths became readily apparent through research with current customers, as well as where it needed to improve.
  • We developed a new brand positioning and brand architecture, consolidating all brands under one master brand: Alpine – an ITW Company. In addition to developing the new brand name and product names, we created the new logo, tagline, brand messaging, brand look and feel, a new branding campaign and sales collateral.
  • Quantitative research with prospects across the broader industry helped define the segments where the company could grow most profitably and how to optimally serve those customers. The company restructured its sales force to align with the new segmentation strategy, yielding improvements in both sales productivity and effectiveness.
  • Working closely with the client, we facilitated the launch of the new brand, beginning with the internal launch with employees, then with customers.

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